Hank Skinner Continues to Languish on Texas’ Death Row

Alejandra de la Fuente — September 30, 2013 @ 2:01 PM — Comments (5)

A man has waited on death row in Texas for his exoneration for twenty years. Hank Skinner was convicted of murdering his then girlfriend, Twila Busby, and her two adult sons in January of 1993. The police failed to investigate another potential suspect, Twila’s uncle, who had a history of violent activity and molestation. At the trial, there was little mention of exculpatory evidence due to the fact that Skinner was at the scene of the murder. Upon his conviction, the jury recommended the death penalty. Skinner has been languishing on death row in Texas for twenty years all the while maintaining his innocence.

Now thanks to DNA testing Skinner may have a shot at regaining his freedom. Twila Busby’s uncle had often worn a jacket that was similar to the jacket found next to her body. Upon testing some hair on the jacket and in Twila’s hand it was found that the hairs belonged to her uncle. The District Attorney had made a promise to Hank Skinner that DNA testing would be allowed and taken into account though upon the test results being revealed the D.A was reticent to fulfill that promise.

After years of appeals and Skinner’s lawyers unsuccessfully fighting his case, Hank was to be executed, though at the last minute the state of Texas issued a stay of execution. Just one year later, the courts ruled that he would have access to the biological evidence in his case and justice would be served. Unfortunately for Hank and conveniently for Texas the original jacket that had already been tested was lost. However the hairs were still available. DNA testing on the hairs excluded Skinner and revealed a potential match to Twila’s uncle.

Hank SkinnerWhile the legal wrangling and testing has been going on, Hank was living on death row. Spending the majority of his days in a cramped small cell eating terrible food has begun to take its toll. Hank Skinner was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis recently and is back on death row while a resolution to his case is pending. What’s worse is that Twila Busby’s uncle, the only other suspect in the case, has been deceased for years and his body must be exhumed for Hank Skinner to be freed.

We all hope that Hank Skinner can stay healthy enough to see his family and friends again. More information about Hank Skinner’s case can be found at The Huffington Post and HankSkinner.org.

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Comments and Pings on “Hank Skinner Continues to Languish on Texas’ Death Row”

  1. I am very disturbed by Mr.Skinner’s case. It should be in the best interest of all that truth comes to light for true justice to occur in any case. Unfortunately, Texas Justice is not just blind…she is prejudiced. We are seeing time and time again Procecutional tunnel vision.
    I am appald that a man’s life can be lost for the sake of “good ol’ boy ” politics.
    That the Procecutional not only refuses to completely look for truth and let test results pont them in the true direction of a killer ” beyond a reasonable doubt”‘shows prejudice, corruption, and personal agendas…….not truth!
    Whether or not Mr. Skinner was a murderer should not be decided by hiding evidence, lies on the witness stand due to threatining witnesses, or to save face from a rush to judgment.
    They have not found or proved Hank Skinner’s guilt , but rather his innocence due to such shotty police work!!!
    God Be With You In Your Fight Mr. Skinner! Whoever “lost” the evidence should be disbarred from trying another case and not letting the truth fall where it may.

  2. He’s innocent. This man needs to b able to live his last years w freedom and peace of mind. I believe him. He is a good God fearing man…he is genuine and caring. This is a perfect example of why God doesn’t approve of man made laws…such as capital punishment. Who is man to judge when there is so much doubt that he is even guilty!?

     Jacque Kennedy — January 11, 2014 @ 11:47 pm
  3. Respectfully and humbly, it is good to see this killer losing evidentiary hearings one right after another. As of February 2014, it appears Mr. Skinner’s plan of action would be to prepare to meet his Maker and deal with his admission of GUILT and plead for forgiveness from the Highest Court of all and Judge Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

  4. Iam a great believer in the death penalty, but not when I read about Hank Skinner. He’s been languishing on death row for 20 years when all along it was the uncle who done it in the first place. Now that the uncle is no longer here, to me they are just looking for a fall guy, and that guy just happens to be Hank Skinner. Since he found out that he has that problem with his pancreas and God forbid that it’s not cancerous but if it is, to me they should let him out to spend his last moments with his loved ones, but as I said hopefully it’s not cancerous. I live in Scotland, but if I lived in a Texas I would personally like to kick Governor Rick Perry’s skinny little ass, to me he’s not fit to be a Governor of Texas. So people of the justice department and you so called higher authorities get your fingers out your asses and release this poor innocent man.

     SHARON McDougall — April 4, 2014 @ 2:41 am
  5. The evidence produced against Hank Skinner at his trial was overwhelming. His clothing was covered with blood and brain matter from the girl friend he had beaten to death with an axe handle. He was found hiding at his ex-girlfriend’s trying to stitch a wound if had incurred when stabbing the two boys to death.. People who know next to nothing about the trial should be careful about declaring this killer’s innocence. By the way, the “jacket” in question was Twila’s. I did not belong to the Uncle. There is absolutely no evidence anyone else but Skinner was involved in this horrific triple murder. His confession was sealed by the court because it was given without an attorney present.

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