Press Release: Cheydrick Britt Exonerated Based on DNA Test Results Proving Innocence

Alejandra de la Fuente — November 21, 2013 @ 11:16 AM — Comments (5)

Cheydrick Britt Exonerated Based on DNA Test Results Proving Innocence
Britt Served Over Nine Years for a Sex Crime He Did Not Commit

 (Tallahassee, FL) On November 20, 2013, the State Attorneys Office for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit dropped all charges against Cheydrick Britt related to a 2002 sexual battery. Britt’s convictions and sentence for the sexual battery were vacated and he was released from prison on September 24, 2013, based on new DNA test results indicating Britt’s innocence of the sexual battery and lewd and lascivious molestation. Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Chet Tharpe signed the order vacating these convictions.

“I have been waiting for this moment for almost a decade. I always maintained my innocence and now the DNA testing has proven what I always knew to be true. Thank God for DNA,” said Britt upon his release.

The Office of the State Attorney agreed to postconviction DNA testing in this case on September 28, 2012 and the results showing that semen on the victim’s underwear came from an unknown male, excluding Britt as a contributor, were released on April 12, 2013. The DNA testing was performed at DNA Diagnostics Center, in Fairfield, Ohio. Local counsel, Charles Murray, Esq., and Melissa Montle, Esq. and Seth Miller, Esq., attorneys with the Innocence Project of Florida (“IPF”), worked closely with the Office of the State Attorney to facilitate the result on this case.

“I am thrilled that we were able to reunite Cheydrick with his family. We commend the State Attorney for taking an objective look at how these DNA test results impact the remaining evidence and pursuing justice in this case. This is a model for how prosecution and defense can collaborate to reach the just and right result,” said Melissa Montle, Staff Attorney with IPF.

Britt was wrongfully convicted for these offenses in May 2004. Britt spent over 9 years wrongfully convicted and incarcerated and is the 14th individual to be exonerated through the use of DNA testing in Florida since 2000.

IPF worked on Cheydrick Britt’s case for free, including drafting key motions and facilitating the DNA testing. Bonita Springs, Florida attorney Charles Murray was lead counsel, representing Mr. Britt since 2008.

Cheyrick Britt, Florida's 14th DNA exoneree, with his legal team Charles Murray, lead counsel, and Seth Miller and Melissa Montle, attorneys with the Innocence Project of Florida.

Cheydrick Britt, Florida’s 14th DNA exoneree, with his legal team: Charles Murray, lead counsel, and Seth Miller and Melissa Montle, attorneys with the Innocence Project of Florida.

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  1. I am soproud to know that such a group exists. I am the CEO of a family and community advocacy orgnaization, we’re called Blacque Gyrlz, Inc. We are interestd in issues that directly effect our communities and families. Please be advised that upon the completionof our reorganization, look for me to be in contact. I’m alwasy looking for positive affiliationsin which to assist our communities anf families. GOD bless you all and keep up the good fight.

     Jan B. Smith — November 30, 2013 @ 5:20 pm
  2. Have you found a pattern of wrong conviction s in any circuit in fla?

     gina thomas — December 3, 2013 @ 4:37 pm
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  4. God bless you for the important work you do. I am sure that the need for post conviction legal services to prove a persons innocence far outweighs the available resources. Sad that more defense attorneys do not contribute a little of their time to save a life.

    The government needs to PAY these folks for all the years they were wrongfully imprisoned! Although no amount of money can make up for lost time and lost freedom. These people will never be the same. And imagine going to prison with the child molester label?

    And if intentional prosecutorial misconduct has occurred then that clown needs to go to prison! Has any prosecutor ever gone to prison for misconduct?

    I thought that the job of the prosecution was to seek justice?

    And has anyone else noticed that 99% of the time when someone is exonerated they have the nerve to say that they still believe that the exonerated is guilty? (But the case is too old to bring it back to trial.) They would have the balls to say that if God Himself came down from Heaven and said “he is innocent.”


     Chrystal Weaver — May 10, 2014 @ 6:24 pm
  5. DNA testing is not new in 2014. Why did it take so long for him to be exonerated? Let me guess….the state or the courts kept dragging their feet.

    We need to dismantle the entire criminal “justice” system and build a new one from scratch….one that actually achieves what we intend it to achieve: justice and fairness. The system is broken in so many places it does not make sense to attempt piecemeal reform.

     Chrystal Weaver — May 10, 2014 @ 6:36 pm

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