New Innocence Organization in Sydney

Alejandra de la Fuente — February 18, 2016 @ 1:00 PM — Comments (0)

The University of Sydney will launch its newfound Sydney Exoneration Project next month. The project was founded and directed by Dr. Celine van Golde. Several chosen undergraduate and graduate law and psychology students from the university will spend their semester reviewing cases of suspected wrongful conviction for course credit. They will look over items such as court files, police interviews, eyewitness testimonies, and trial recordings.

Dr. van Golde, along with her team of legal professionals and forensic psychologists, selected a case for the team and students to take on after spending several months reviewing applications from convicted Australians claiming their innocence. The client they selected contacted the project after watching a forensic psychology documentary that had similar details to what happened in his/her own case.

Unlike many innocence organization cases that involve examining DNA evidence, the Sydney Exoneration Project will focus their efforts on forensic psychology. This includes factors such as eyewitness error and false confessions that led to wrongful convictions. The project aims to use forensic psychology to achieve the mission they share with all other innocence projects—to seek justice for the wrongfully convicted.

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