Time Magazine Special Edition: The Fight Against Wrongful Convictions

Alejandra de la Fuente — February 17, 2017 @ 5:06 PM — Comments (1)


To commemorate the Innocence Project’s 25th anniversary, Time magazine’s special edition issue Innocent: The Fight Against Wrongful Conviction is officially out to the public.

The issue focuses on Innocence Project Co-Founders Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck’s road to reform America’s criminal justice system as advances in DNA technology opened the door for wrongfully convicted individuals across the country. The magazine includes profiles on Innocence Project clients such as Anthony Wright and Lewis Fogle as well as articles by California Innocence Project Director Justin Brooks, Jon Eldan from After Innocence, Innocence Project New Orleans Executive Director Emily Maw, and more!

This special edition issue is a huge milestone in the movement to raise awareness of the Innocence Network’s fight for the wrongfully convicted and criminal justice reform. Although the plight of the wrongfully convicted has gained widespread media attention through shows such as Making a Murderer and podcasts like Undisclosed, there are still many individuals who are unaware of the injustices occurring within our criminal justice system.

If you see an edition out in the wild, please tweet us a picture with the hashtag #IPspecialedition!

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  1. Picked up the magazine, “Innocent”, The Fight Against Wrongful Convictions. How can I get a copy to our son who is in his 9th year of a wrongful conviction in which DNA proves his innocence. We are not allowed to mail him anything such as magazines or books. It must come from the publisher. Please advice as Jeffrey Deskovic was our guest speaker at our Pennsylvania Freedom March for the Wrongfully Convicted that I hold every year. He was our speaker twice and we will be holding our 9th one this year with Jim Fogle being our guest speaker. Our son is Mike DeLoe. He also has a Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/FreeMikeDeloe/

    Thank you.
    MaryAnn Lubas
    Pennsylvania Freedom March for the Wrongfully Convicted.

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