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Last week, Derrick Williams sat down with a few news stations to talk about his wrongful incarceration and his hopes for exoneration.  Derrick Williams was convicted of a 1993 rape of a woman in Palmetto, Florida.  After the rape, the perpetrator left his t-shirt in the victim’s car and it was recovered by law enforcement.  At trial, the prosecution attributed this t-shirt to Derrick, even though a foreign hair was found on it and he had a sold alibi.  In July, IPF released DNA results from sweat and skin cells on the collar of the t-shirt (a primary area for a wearer to leave DNA) that demonstrate that Derrick could not have contributed the DNA found on the inside of the collar.  We believe this result points to him not having worn the shirt and not having left it in the victim’s car.  He clearly deserves to have his conviction overturned and his charges dismissed.

You can view the articles from Tampa Bay Online on the interview here and here.

Also, here are two videos of the story on the interview:

Video 1

Video 2

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