iTunes and Innocence: Help Bill Dillon Launch his Music Career

Seth — May 20, 2011 @ 4:29 PM — Comments (2)

Bill Dillon, IPF client exonerated in 2008, will release his first single, “Black Robes and Lawyers”, tomorrow on iTunes (note that he is using his full name, William Michael Dillon, as the byline on his songs).

For $0.99, each of you can not only get a great, powerful song on your iPod, but you can also you can join a grassroots movement that is helping Bill launch his music career.  We hear that his first full album will be released soon and you can get more information from his new website,, which should launch within the next week.

You can also see Bill and IPF in a two-part segment on CNN this Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM.

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  2. Dear Bill,My son Alan Jr is currently the youngest man on Florida’s Death Row because a PD had one other person lie and got 45 yrs and my son and 3 others got Death penalty he was just 18 at the time hes 23 now .The system needs to be fixed and its every where in the country! God Bless you and pray your career are a great success /Regards, Alan L Wade Sr

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