Justice should apply to all

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“Revenge isn’t the issue here. Revenge, I know, doesn’t work. But accountability works. It’s what balances out; it’s the equilibrium; it’s the social glue. Because, if you’re not accountable then you can do anything.”

60 Minutes reports on Michael Morton’s pursuit of justice

Michael Morton spent 25 years in prison as an innocent man; anger and the desire for vengeance are natural towards the person who wrongfully convicted him, former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson. Morton was exonerated last year of his wrongful conviction for killing his wife, Christine, in 1986. The judgement seemed to solely be based on a note he left for her that expressed disappointment for her falling asleep on him – for not having sex with him the night before. The note ended in “I love you.”

This 14-minute report covers the details of Morton’s case, and why he is suing Anderson for prosecutorial misconduct. The Innocence Project worked on his behalf to unveil the existence of a crucial document showing an interview between Christine’s mother and Christine and Michael’s son, who was three-years-old at the time of the murder. He witnessed his mother’s murder and described the killer as a monster. He said his father was not there.

Innocence Project co-founder, Barry Scheck, also weighs in on the purpose of making an example out of Anderson:

“I don’t believe that there is an epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct in this country. On the other hand, it does happen. And this is a very important moment (Morton’s claim). We’ve had a whole series of cases in this country that have focused on this issue.”

This main issue is the prosecutor’s willful withholding of evidence.

Here is a link to the Innocence Project’s post from August of last year, before his exoneration, about Morton’s case.

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  2. Willard Brown is doing a lifetime sentence for rape. The people who actually know what happened did not go to court on his behalf. He has only one son who doesn’t no him because he’s been in there since his son was a year old. My family and I feel strongly about him not rapping this woman we think that he received the sentence he received because he’s black and she’s white. .. I wish someone could look into his case!

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