It’s Easy to Help Find & Free Innocent People – Vote Today.

Alejandra de la Fuente — September 7, 2012 @ 12:03 PM — Comments (1)

In this video update, Seth Miller discusses the case and re-sentencing of Billy Joe Holton, an IPF client. You can read more about Billy’s case and his release here. Seth also asks for your help – IPF was nominated and is now competing with charities nationwide for grants ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 from the Chase Community Giving program. You can help by simply voting for IPF through the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook now through September 19th.

A couple of things to note: You have to be logged into Facebook and you have to “allow the application.” You can vote for two charities, but only once for each. You can also earn more votes if you share the link to Chase Community Giving and a friend links back to it and casts a vote. Extra votes can be spent on IPF. If you are a Chase Customer, you get two more votes on

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  1. Scott was arrested, wrongfully convicted and harshely sentenced , Nov. 2011, for the murder of his Russian (Mafia connected) wife. He was set-up by a cleverly orchestrated scheme. I have fought for justice, contacted FBI, government officials, media (TV/Radio, press) with no response, replies or interest shown in proving Scott’s innocence. I am 81 years old, still sound of mind. I have spent all savings and borrowed money for attorney costs. The trial attorney ‘bled’ me of $100,000.+ over and above his retainer and ultimately lost the case due to an inadequate defense. I just need help and someone to listen to the facts that I know regarding this gross miscarriage of justice..

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