Bill Dillon Roundup

Alejandra de la Fuente — June 17, 2009 @ 3:27 PM — Comments (20)

There has been a flurry of activity recently surrounding the case of William Dillon.

Dillon was exonerated by DNA testing in November of 2008 and released from prison the next month. As we have mentioned a handful of times earlier, his case involved the testimony of a one John Preston who, with his dog Harass II, made the rounds providing fraudulent testimony to convict whomever the police wanted him to. Preston has been exposed as a charlatan and a fraud, and it was believed he was “regularly retained to confirm the state’s preconceived notions about cases.”

On Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel ran an editorial detailing the injustices perpetrated by Preston and his Wonder Dog. They essentially asked two questions: How many more innocent people are in prison because of Preston? and How will we ever know? (See also the accompanying blog post by Scott Maxwell.)

That same day, news broke that Florida Sen. Mike Haridopolos of Brevard County would sponsor a bill to provide compensation for Dillon.

On, J. D. Tuccille posted about Preston and forensic science in general.

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     June 18, 2009 @ 6:52 pm

  2. I am the sister of the 4th person , whose case is being investigated finally
    because of John Preston and his dogs, and just wanted to say that we are
    elated for Mr. Dillion. We have been living a NIGHTMARE FOR 25 YEARS
    due to Mr. Preston’s testimony in my brothers case. With limited money and resources we have struggled through the years to get anyone to look into
    Mr. Preston and his claims. With Mr.Dillions case being overturned it gives
    us hope that the same will finally happen for my brother. I hope that with
    your coverage of Mr. Dillon’s case and others, the injustices carried out by
    those in charge of judicial practices in the state of Florida will really be looked into
    in depth. Again . our heart felted congrats go out to Mr. Dillion and his family.

    Donnetta Swartz

  3. I have followed these cases in Brevard County for years becoming interested with Wilton Dedge as he was incarcerated at that time with both our sons . They too are amongst those represented by The Innocence Project of Florida incarcerated seventeen years,cases in another county of Florida. When it became media about Mr. Dillion I could not believe what I was reading. There are too many questions needing to be answered by our judicial systems. First one: Why do they feel it necessary to send Innocent to prison for years then, fight to keep them incarcerated once possible Proof of Innocence is present? I would hate to think this all comes down to REVENUE… As heart felt as we know personally this is for all those suffering under the Wrongful Convictions within the Florida Judicial system, we also realize it will not change till laws are made holding judges, prosecutors and law enforcement accountable for their deliberate actions and concealing of evidence within the court arena.
    Mr. Dillion never give up the are helping to carry the Flag of Freedom for those left behind…These parents are Thanking You and All those marching along in this Ongoing Battle for Justice.

     Sharon Simmons — June 25, 2009 @ 10:42 am
  4. How may I contact Mr. Bill Dillon directly? I was truly heartbroken to hear how badly he was treated and judged worngfully. I would love to get to know him and be his friend. May God bless his life and see that he is greatly confensated for the loss of most of his life in such a horrible place away from all his loved ones. there needs to be a MOVIE about his story, and as a Filmer I would love the Honor to be able to bring this about ASAP. I pray for Justice always.
    I live in Fallbrook, Ca.

    Carol Meeks

  5. Congratulations Dilion!
    Bill Dilion, I hope now you can go for your Billions….

  6. To Mr Dillon, Your story touched my heart and my spirit cried at the wrongs committed against you. I hope that you finally find the happiness you deserve. You have certainly paid forward!!! As a mother of a convicted felon who has been incarcerated for sixteen years and counting, I know the pain and heartbreak your mother suffered during those years. And I can only imagine the happiness she felt when you finally were set free. I have often said prison is the darkest place on the face of the earth and so I guess that is why sometimes our shining lights must be placed there. Your very life now gives so very many hope where once only despair existed.
    Live Well, Mr. Dillon

     Deborah Wibters — May 29, 2010 @ 8:13 pm
  7. Congratulations Bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just watched the show.What has happened to you is just so wrong. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life,and have the the best life ever you deserve it. GOD BLESS YOU !


  8. Dear Bill,
    I’m glad you are living your life! My friend was arrested for conspiracy to commit and he served 7 years. When he was arrested he was on probation. He had no drugs or money yet florida law makes it impossible for anyone to complete probation. He was facing 27 years, so he plead guilty to a probation violation he did not commit. In turn he did 7 years. He just got out in Jan 2010 and adjusting is not easy. He was also at the same prison as you. Hardee is for “HardTimes.” You are an inpiration. I am so impressed that you used your gut instinct and filed that motion. I would love to see you play as I am a musician myself. Where can I get your CD? take care, and God Bless you and your devoted family. Bernadett Celene

     Bernadett — June 3, 2010 @ 2:15 am
  9. Hi Bill!!
    I just watched a 48 Hrs show about your story and my heart goes out to you! I would be so honored to meet you!! You are truly an inspiration and it would be my honor to meet the man with such integrity and determination to proving innosence overcoming such odds. Please know that you have a lot of supporters. If you ever come to Indiana to play your music or lecture, please contact me, so I can come. Life is short. Embrace life every day…focus on what is really important and has meaning to you. God Bless you!!!
    You are so deserving !!
    Shar ;))
    Hugzzzz to you!!

  10. Hello Bill,

    I just watched your story…SIGH!!!!!!! I cannot believe the injustice you received and not to be compensated is just another blow!! I’m so sorry for what happened to you, but know this! There are many people that you would call stranger that love you bro!! You seem like a very good guy, and my prayers are with you. One thing you can do, write a book!! At least you would make quite a few bucks on doing it.

    God Bless my brother!

    Sincerely Anthony

     Anthony Recenello — August 23, 2010 @ 2:06 am
  11. i just watched the story on bill dillon on the investigation discovery chanel. i wish the best for him and would be proud to meet him some day. i live in the state of vermont and there are many cases here that should be looked into here also. i also think bill should be commended on his music, he has a wonderfull voice.

     inette wujcik — August 23, 2010 @ 2:08 am
  12. I just watched the documentary on this travesty. Mr. Dillon deserves 1 million dollars for every year he spent in prison (at least). One thing really disturbs me. That is, after all the evidence and testimony was recanted, AND after the DNA testing found that the shirt was NEVER worn by Mr. Dillon, that idiot prosecutor CONTINUES to prosecute Mr. Dillon with his opinion of the murder. He deserves to be OUTED and should be repermanded by the courts. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!! If Mr. Dillion coud respond to this, I would be grateful..
    Pascal Calogero
    Metairie, La

     Pascal Calogero III — February 9, 2011 @ 1:10 pm
  13. Wow, what a story!! I feel so bad for Bill and am so proud he fought it to the end and he prevailed!! I watched it for the 1st time yesterday and his story is still on my mind. He is definitely a survivor and my hero!!
    Teresa Marlow
    NLR, AR

     Teresa Marlow — February 11, 2011 @ 3:09 pm
  14. Hello Bill,

    First of all, SHAME on the Florida judicial system. Never before have I entertained responding to someone’s story such as yours, however, after watching On the Case w/Paula Zahn left me so inspired to say Bill, I am so sorry for the injustice done to you.

    Although I live in Arizona, your story touched my heart! I really hope you are compensated for the 27 years stolen from you…will follow your story.

    Stay healthy,

  15. Greetings Bill. I watched Investigation Discovery (ID) on TV yesterday and was moved almost to tears to see what you had to go through for all those years. The blessings of DNA have helped the good people and punish the evil ones. Thank God it helped you. I too, was accused of beating and robbing a sailor because of a lying testimony of a woman store owner but I didn’t have to go through what you did but like you, I knew I hadn’t done what I was accused of but nobody was listening to the truth. You are my hero and I know you have been instrumental for many in the cause of justice. I’m happy for you and your family. God bless you.

  16. It is wonderful to hear such great news although it will never be enough to repay you for the injustice that you suffered. I am the President of the Criminal Law Society of Nova Southeastern Law and every year our organization donates to the Innocence Project of FL to help in their crusade. It happens to often and not enough is done in any way to prevent, mitigate or rectify what is occurring. I would love to know how to contact Mr. Dillon to have him come speak at the Law School. We have had many falsely convicted men and women come and speak over the years. I would be honored to host such an event. Also, to the other family members of falsely convicted individuals, I am truly sorry for the pain you and your family members have suffered. If you too would be interested in speaking on behalf of your family member or have them come speak we too would be honored to host such an event. With more awareness we can overcome this superfluous injuctice occurring in our system here in Florida and around the world. Please contact me at Thank you!

  17. Florida is not the only state that has a problem with convicting innocent men while allowing the guilty to roam among our people. Ohio has to come in a close second!

    Jackie D. McCrady sits in Ross County Correctional Institute, convicted of murdering his wife Jenifer, while I have continued to work the case for 15 years now and have a mountain of information and evidence that could easily show reasonable doubt that Mr. McCrady is guilty. There was ample evidence even at trial time, but no one was interested, and no one has been interested since then either.
    I can be contacted at if anyone is interested.

  18. Dear Bill just a few lines to say that i am glad you won your case I seen you on tv and was in shock that it was you. I was lost for words at frist i knew that you did not do it. I wish you the best and I am glad to have sent some time with you while you was locked up.You are kind man with a big heart . for what time i knew you I felt bless .I am glad that you never gave up.I am glad you are free today and with your family now. god bless and your family i am on face book and my e-mail is your friend melissa

     melissa dillon (mcentee) — December 31, 2011 @ 7:52 am
  19. I am so impressed with your composure, looks, attitude and intelligence; yet you still have a heart. I wish there was someone like you in Jacksonville, FL. You have inspired me so much. I have had some nightmares with the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office and the State Attorney’s Office on three crimes I had committed against me. They try and pick and choose the ones they win. I had a jewelry store and had about $200K stolen; had all the documents for each one; fingerprints, and/or caught pawning my items. Unfortunately, I went out of business because I couldn’t see the light of day. My story is nothing compared to yours, but it ruined me financially. They still won’t give me the jewelry they picked up because the cases are still pending lol. She jumped bail; the State Investigator told me her address in Marble Head, Ohio but they didn’t want to spend the $$ to get her. I am here as a listener and talker. I am also on facebook at Cindy Kappelmann. God Bless you

  20. Thankyou for helping others. the legal system doesnt have all honesty . i have been a victim . of a da . i am disabled. no $ . thankyou again for helping those u can k god bless.

     ellena abernathy — March 17, 2012 @ 1:08 am

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