Uriah Courtney Exonerated in California

Alejandra de la Fuente — June 27, 2013 @ 3:21 PM — Comments (0)

This week a San Diego judge dismissed all charges against Uriah Courtney, a man who spent eight years in prison for a kidnapping and rape that he did not commit. Courtney was convicted in 2004 after a sexual assault in Lemon Grove, CA. The victim told the jury she was sure Courtney was the man who pulled her off the street.

The judge reversed the conviction after finding that the foreign biological material collected from the victim did not match Courtney’s DNA. Instead it matched that of a man who “bore striking physical resemblance to Courtney,” according to a news release from the California Western School of Law.

Courtney was aided by the California Innocence Project, who was able to complete DNA testing with the funding provided by the National Institute of Justice. A big shout out to everyone who worked on the case, including the CIP staff, attorneys, partners, and students. And congratulations to Uriah Courtney on his renewed lease on life!

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