Board Chairman Summits Mt. Rainier

In 2009, IPF Board Chairman Mark Schlakman made his first ascent of Mt. Rainier, facing challenging, white-out conditions. He returned in 2010. Over the Labor Day weekend, Mark reached the summit of Mt. Rainier, an extraordinary journey to raise vital funds and awareness for two Florida not-for-profit organizations: The Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) and Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and the Americas (FAVACA).

Mark Schlakman nears the summit on his trek to bring awareness to two causes.

Mark Schlakman nears the summit on his trek to bring awareness to two causes.

You can help recognize and support Mark’s efforts by investing a few cents for every foot (14,411 ft. from sea level to summit). For instance:

10 cents/foot = $1,441.10
5 cents/foot = $720.55
2 cents/foot = $288.22
1 cent/foot = $144.11

Your gift will bring hope to many.

“Mt. Rainier represents a challenge well beyond my comfort zone but it pales by comparison to the challenges faced every day by the people of Haiti after the earthquake and by individuals wrongfully convicted for crimes that DNA evidence indicates they didn’t commit,” said Schlakman, Senior Program Director for the Florida State University Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, and Chairman of Board of Directors for both IPF and FAVACA.

IPF and FAVACA could not be more pleased with the initiative and the potential vital support it will bring. “Mr. Schlakman’s decades-long commitment on these critical issues of justice and poverty reduction is only matched by his determination to accomplish this daunting climb,” said Demian Pasquarelli, Executive Director of FAVACA.

Seth Miller, IPF’s Executive Director continued, “Some people walk for charity. Others run. Mark climbs mountains. His effort to raise the profile of injustice for those wrongfully convicted is an inspiration to us all.”

Additional coverage of Mark’s extraordinary efforts can be found at the Florida Bar News.

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