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Exoneration Anniversary: Darryl Adams and Ronald Eubanks

Taylor Thornton — February 08, 2018 @ 12:00 PM — Comments (0)

Happy Exoneration Anniversary to Darryl Adams and Ronald Eubanks!

On August 12, 1992, Darryl Adams and Ronald Eubanks were woken from their sleep on the street near a Salvation Army shelter by a police officer around 2 a.m. The officer had been sent over by a citizen who reported seeing a woman being raped nearby. Upon the officer waking the two men and the woman sleeping close by, the woman had initially denied being raped. But, once pulled away from the two men she told officers that Adams had, in fact, raped her and that Eubanks had attempted to as well. The two were arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault.

A month later, both men pled guilty to the charge in Dallas County Criminal District Court. They were each initially sentenced to 10 years of probation. But after being charged with a burglary Adams had his probation revoked and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Eubanks had his probation revoked as well and was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being caught using marijuana.

The co-defendants sought DNA testing over the next 20 years. Finally, with the help of the Innocence Project of Texas, a series of DNA tests were performed. A test of the rape kit done in 2014 uncovered a male DNA profile that did not match Adams nor Eubanks. Adams’ and Eubanks’ lawyers subsequently sought to vacate their convictions by filing similar state law petitions.

Adams’ writ was granted and petition vacated in March of 2016 by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the same occurred for Eubanks in December of 2016. One year ago today, on February 8, 2017 the prosecution dismissed the charges against Adams and Eubanks.

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Cornelius Dupree, Jr. Exonerated in Texas (w/ video)

Seth — January 05, 2011 @ 9:48 AM — Comments (2)

Yesterday, Cornelius Dupree, Jr. was exonerated after DNA testing proved him innocent of a 1979 rape and robbery.  He spent 30 years wrongfully incarcerated, which is the longest for any exoneree in Texas.  His exoneration is the 21st DNA exoneration in Dallas County alone, which leads the nation in exonerations for a single municipality. Here is a video of him on CNN with our colleague and his lawyer, Nina Morrison, from The Innocence Project (which CNN won’t let me embed, so you have to deal with a link).

Only two men, who were wrongly convicted and later exonerated by DNA testing, spent more time in prison than Mr. Dupree: Lawrence McKinney was convicted of a 1978 burglary and first-degree rape in Tennessee and served 31-and-a-half years behind bars before being exonerated and released.  Of course, IPF client James Bain was released from prison in December 2009 after serving 35 years on a wrongful kidnapping and rape conviction at the age of 19.

Congratulations to Mr. Dupree for overcoming the odds and persevering.  Thank you to Nina Morrison and the rest of our friends at The Innocence Project for all of their great work.

Here are some other good links discussing the Dupree case:

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Dallas to take DNA program statewide

Alejandra de la Fuente — June 12, 2009 @ 9:50 AM — Comments (0)

You may have heard of the television show “Dallas DNA” that just finished its run on the “Discovery Investigation” channel. That show sprang out of an unprecedented and admirable commitment by the Dallas County District Attorney, Craig Watkins, who vowed to re-open and re-test every case in the county that had DNA evidence. (Dallas News named him 2008 Texan of the Year, and Reason magazine asked, “Is this America’s best prosecutor?”)

Now, the Innocence Project of Texas is urging DAs around the state to do the same thing.

Chief counsel Jeff Blackburn [of the Innocence Project of Texas] said he is sending a letter to every Texas judge and district attorney, encouraging them to refer cases to the Innocence Project of Texas. Blackburn’s group has been part of the effort that has led to more than 20 Dallas County cases in which convictions based on DNA testing have been set aside.

Dallas County has been the home to 21 DNA exonerations, while Texas as a whole has seen 38. Those numbers are the most for a county and a state, respectively.

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