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IPF exoneree performs with other exonerees

Alejandra de la Fuente — June 13, 2012 @ 9:39 AM — Comments (1)

Five-piece exoneree band plays Rocky Mountain Innocence Center benefit


(L to R) William Dillon, Eddie Lowery, Antione Day, and Darby Tillis play on stage

We were proud to see Florida DNA exoneree William Dillon play a concert with a group of four other exoneree musicians in Salt Lake City this past Sunday. They have previously played at two Innocence Network conferences, but this was their first public performance. Proceeds went to benefit the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center. This nonprofit operates much like the Innocence Project of Florida, as their description on Facebook page states:

“The (RMIC) works to correct and prevent the conviction of innocent people in Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. RMIC also conducts education and advocacy about the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions.”

It should have been quite the experience to hear five men, who collectively spent more than 86 years imprisoned for crimes they did not commit, celebrating their love of music together, especially since a live performance can be exemplary of the bond between a group of musicians.

We helped exonerate singer-songwriter Dillon after his 28 years behind bars. He sang and played guitar. The band included singer-songwriter Raymond Towler (bass/keyboard), who also served 28 years before being exonerated from his conviction of committing rape in Ohio. Eddie Lowery is a folk singer-songwriter that learned guitar while serving 10 years of his rape sentence. Harmonica player Darby Tillis spent 10 years on death row before he became the first death row exoneree in Illinois in 2003. Antione Day, who served 10 years and was exonerated in 2002, played drums and sang.

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