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Our 4th annual Steppin Out' gala was a huge success. Over 200 guests attended the event where we honored IPF's exonerees and award recepients Jennifer Thompson and Walter McNeil. Thank you for helping to support IPF! See highlights here.

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Exciting News from Exoneree Orlando Boquete

In 1980, Orlando Boquete immigrated to America from Cuba on the Mariel boatlift under political asylum. Unfortunately, in 1983, Orlando was convicted for a crime he did not commit. Although he was exonerated in 2006, his wrongful conviction hampered the process of naturalization, meaning that he was not able to become an American citizen -- until now. On March 27th 2015, Orlando had his Naturalization Oath Ceremony in Oakland Park, Florida. We extend our best wishes to Orlando on this long delayed happy occassion. He's pictured here with his naturaliztion certificate. Read more about Orlando's wrongful conviction and exoneration here.

Unlock the Truth

Meet two Florida DNA exonerees, William Dillon and James Bain, in IPF's video, Unlock the Truth.

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Shaken Baby Syndrome and Wrongful Convictions March 30th, 2015

A quick Internet search for “Shaken Baby Syndrome” reveals countless numbers of caretakers being accused of being responsible for the death of an infant. In an article describing one of these recent cases, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown is quoted […]

Remembering Last Year’s Successes: Exoneration Records in 2014 March 27th, 2015

Now that it’s almost April, 2014 may be starting to seem like a distant memory. And while 2015 is quickly shaping up to be a successful year for exonerating innocent prisoners,  we should still take a second to review some […]

The Exonerated: A Play Reading by The Main Street Players March 26th, 2015

On March 13 and 14th 2015, The Main Street Players in Miami did a reading of The Exonerated, a play written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen. In the play, six death row exonerees tell their stories – from the […]

Steppin’ Out 2015 is coming soon! March 13th, 2015

Steppin’ Out 2015 is just around the corner, on Thursday, April 16th, at Mission San Luis. The silent auction, as well as the VIP reception for exonerees, sponsors, and award recipients will start at 6 PM, and the dinner and […]

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